Imagine... you see a person on the street and you almost instantly know  you want to talk to them

How did you know? How did you come to "Yes, I want to meet this person and know their story?" 

It's because, as humans, we make a judgement right away about people. It kind of sucks, but it's natural - you look them over, hear them talk maybe, smell them (???) and make a decision in seconds - beeline to them for further introduction or look away and keep it movin'.

Well this can't be helped - people aren't going to change overnight so why bother with the basic T's to seem more neutral and approachable by all? Wear what represents who you REALLY are! If you wear that tie-dye Madonna shirt, who will you attract? You want other Madonna fans to greet you right? And so they will!

So drop the basics, drop the dress shirts (unless you're forced by your job?) and don the graphic T. Embrace your fellow human that also loves [what's on your shirt]!!! 

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