It's 2021, we get it - you're a little older and scoff at the idea of anything but a basic T or an "adult" button-up. Long gone are the days where all you wore were the crazy designs plastered across your chest and back - wild colors, shapes, sometimes unidentifiable, just a swirl of imagination from some designer.

... unless? Maybe you realize you're being a little too "adult?" I think everyone gets to a point in adulthood where they want to rebel and say "This isn't for me, I can be a kid forever!"

And not a "kid" but simply someone young at heart of course. We ALL feel that way, I am certain - so why not embrace it? Who cares if other adults see you in something besides a plain button-up dress shirt? Where that goofy, yet stylish, graphic T-shirt! Thrown them all out years ago because you were having a baby? Don't sweat it, we've got your back.

At Avatar, we're hawkin' the latest and greatest threads and design wear for youth and older youth! Foogazy-Foogawzy just launched a spread of fresh designs, simply labeled "Froot" and have partnered with us to bring these exclusive styles to you. Check out the link below or see our "Hot" collection to find them and scoop up a couple new shirts to remind yourself that life is too short for button-ups and cardigans (we love all those, too!)